"If you are using reviews to choose between photographers, stop here! You have found the right one! I was privileged enough to have Serge photograph pictures for my business and I could not be more impressed or happier with the results.

Serge somehow made the process seamless, natural, comfortable, fun, and the photos came out beautiful.

He took a simple person in a simple place and turned the photos into an absolute dream. I couldn't be more thankful for her professionalism, talent, dedication, and timeliness.

My overall experience was a 12/10 and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great photographer! Thank you again, Serge. I am very grateful."


"Loved working with the photographer! Pictures turned out amazing and the editing is high quality. He was great at providing suggestions on different poses and posture fixation. Definitely 10/10!! If you are looking for someone in the sac area to take your pics, this is the spot:)"


"Have a shoot day with Bidun photography. I want to say a big thanks for the great photos and a good atmosphere! Great professional in their field! If you want high-quality professional photos, then this photographer is the one who you need! Best in Sacramento!"


"One of the best photographers I have ever worked with! The photos turned out amazing and the edits on the photos were even more amazing!! I could not be happier with how it turned out!! Big thanks to Sergey!!"


"I had an amazing time during my photoshoot. Not only did I learn about lighting but I also had so much fun being a model for the day. I never modeled before but this was truly an amazing and educational experience! Love how professional and talented Sergey is. He made me feel so comfortable and explained how to pose. I can’t wait for my future wedding photos to be done by Bidun photography!"



"I was seriously amazed by Sergey! And even more, amazed when the photos came out! I was just mesmerized by the incredible work he’s done. I was shocked and astounded by both his unique work but also the passion and talent he has for fine art photography and just photography in general. He truly has a talent and I highly recommend him to friends, family, and even to strangers."


"Shooting with him was so much fun! He was incredibly easy-going and helped guide you to get the perfect shots! I’m very happy with his work and recommend him to anyone who is looking for a friendly and amazing photographer."



"Just got done shooting and I'm honestly so impressed with Sergey. He was so amazing to work with. He taught me the ins and outs and would stop at nothing to make sure that I looked and felt confident in the session. He truly is an artist when it comes to his style of photography and extremely knowledgeable. Hands down one of the best photographers I've had the pleasure to work with. He is very good at communicating with actors and bringing out their unique look in a shot. Highly, highly recommend."


Fitness Coach

"I had fitness photoshoot with Sergey and had the best experience. This guy knows his stuff! Extremely talented and willing to work with you. He wants to get the perfect shot just as bad as you do. He spent time with posing, lighting, etc. A true talent I had the pleasure of working with. Highly recommend!"



"It was my first time having a professional photoshoot, and Sergey made the experience amazing. He was such a help directing me which way to position my body and face so that the photos came out beautifully. The office space was clean and open and decorated and the nice atmosphere made me feel safe and relaxed. He is a very talented photographer who is very passionate about his work and it shows. I definitely would recommend!"


"This place is absolutely amazing! The Photographer is so professional, he knows the perfect angels. Sergey helped me with my poses and choosing my outfits and was so nice, calm and patient the whole time shooting. I really enjoyed my time here and I will definitely be coming back soon and I will bring friends and family as well! I recommend 10/10 no doubt."



"Had such a wonderful experience working with Sergey. He is so creative and really amazing at what he does. I am so pleased with the quality of the images we produced and highly recommend booking him!"



"Serg is a highly professional photographer that I would recommend to anyone. He’s one of the best photographers that I’ve worked with. His two decades of extensive experience in photography clearly shows in his photos & portfolio.

He knows how to frame the shots no matter the environment. He knows the most flattering angle to showcase the person in the best light. He is very creative and knows how to use even the most random objects in the shooting environment to make the photo pop. He is also great at directing.

It was a wonderful experience shooting with him from start to finish. I welcome the chance to work with him again and would recommend him to anyone for any type of photo-session."


Real Estate Agent

"I was just blown away with the quality of work that Sergey provided, amazing knowledge on how to use lighting to get the best possible shot."


Fitness Coach

"We shot some fitness and portrait photos and they came out great!! He is amazing!!! He is a photographer that is very involved and doesn’t just sit there snapping pictures! He knows how to pose and the exact lighting!!! Thank you so much for the amazing pictures, your the best!!!! If you want an awesome photographer then you have found one!"



"Sergey was an absolute delight to work with! He is very detail-oriented and just knows how to get that perfect shot. And also not to mention his studio was also a very spacious and comfortable environment in which I felt completely safe shooting in. If you are looking into getting some new headshots, portraits, etc. for you and/or your loved ones, I highly recommend coming here!"



"The pictures he takes of my daughter are absolutely breathtaking. A true professional and his works speak for its self. I can’t wait to see what’s to come in the future."



"I had the best time shooting with Sergey! He made me feel so comfortable and made sure I got the best photos out of my shoot. I would definitely recommend going to him for any portraits of the headshots you need. He is the best in Sacramento!"



"Sergey Bidun is amazing! I most definitely recommend him for any type of photography. He is kind and extremely talented. My shoot with him went amazing!"


"Wow, I loved how all the pictures turned out! He knows what he is doing, had a variety of background and poses planned, and his creativity was very tasteful. Talked through with the positioning and everything, easy to work with, and the captures are just beautiful. It makes you feel like you know what you're doing."


"The Best! Locally and Nationally, this guy will make you look good. the portraits are stunning and the events he covers all are amazing! This is the photographer you go to when you need something taken a picture of. See his website for the type of events he does, you will not regret going with him."


"Sergey and his wife are a great team! Sergey is very open to ideas you have and has a creative mindset as well. He gives great advice on how to pose, and photos always come out flawless. Any occasion, he is capable of delivering. Can’t wait until the next time we create!"



"I had a great experience shooting with Sergey and I learned so much! To start, his studio is absolutely beautiful and is equipped with everything you could possibly want to have a fantastic shoot. He takes his time with every shot and makes sure everything from lighting, to the background, to your hair is perfect so that the photos are flawless. He is also extremely patient and a great teacher. I went into this with little experience and he taught me so much. He will make sure that the poses show off your body type and you look incredible.

Along with portraits I did dance shots as well. He was wonderful in working with me to find and perfect the poses and he will keep going until you get it just right. Photographing dance takes a long time because you have a split second to get it and if you’re just a second off you have to do it again. He worked with me and if we didn’t get it at the right moment we’d try again. If we needed to tweak my arm position we would and we’d do it again until the shot was just right. I had such an illuminating experience and I highly recommend shooting with Sergey."


"I loved being photographed by Sergey! He captures the most captivating photographs, and highlights the uniqueness! On a side note.. he’s a fun photographer to work with. It makes his clients feel at ease and relaxed. I definitely recommend Bidun photography to anyone who is looking to get their photos taken."


"To be photographed by a highly skilled and very talented Photographer is a dream come true for me as a freelance model. It was an honor working with him, I came out of his studio with a wide grin on my face. I was really happy with the outcome of the photos that we did. He pushed myself to go beyond my limits and to be honest, it was the most challenging photoshoot I ever had. He is such a wonderful person to work with and I learned so much from him. He delivers high-quality photos and it will be worth every penny. Very professional. Great personality. Amazing studio. Great Pictures! I definitely highly recommend Sergey Bidun!"



"Last week Sergey Bidun Photography took a business photo of me at his new studio that's located in Antelope CA. Sergey is an artist and invested many years in perfecting his photography skills. He loves creating advance light situations and his images are classic. If you're looking for a professional headshot photographer this is it!"


"I had an awesome photo shoot with the talented Sergey Bidun. The moment I saw his work, I was immediately captivated by his ability to capture the romanticism of the environment and the essence of a persons soul in his photos. I knew right away that I had to have a session. I met Sergey and his beautiful wife Maria. Right away I could sense how in tune they were with one another. They both had the same vision and worked in sync together to capture the best shots possible. I just got my photos today and it's beyond my expectations!! I Love Love LOVE them!!! Thank you so much!!!"