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Bidun Studio Photography offers high-quality personal branding headshots and creative men portraits in Sacramento and San Francisco area, Northern California. Professional corporate portraits are very important in representing a good image of your company. We have worked with many real estate agents, attorneys, doctors, managers and entrepreneurs - everyone needs a professional portrait which will make your brand stand out from the crowd. At Bidun Studio Photography we take pride in creating custom men branding portraits by getting to know what type of work field you are in, and how you would like to be portrayed in your business headshots. A great business headshot helps you communicate who you are and what you do, and will elevate your brand. Our clients choose Sacramento headshot and portrait photography team to create business headshots, personal branding portraits, or to build their professional acting or model portfolios. With over 12 years of experience in portrait and fine art photography, Bidun Studio Photography brings a creative and modern approach to men headshots that personal branding portraits.

Men business headshots and personal branding portraits by Sacramento top portrait photographer Bidun Studio Photography.


Creating the perfect male portrait means portraying men as tough, confident, fit and absolutely masculine beings. Bidun Studio Photography offers in-studio men portraits and we can also shoot outside the studio to make your photos authentic and more personalized. Allow yourself to stand out and represent your field in a special way. Bidun Studio Photographers have all the knowledge, experience and technology to bring your confidence and personality alive during your contemporary male portrait photography. In order to have the best results from your personal men branding portraits session, you have to think about every little thing from the wardrobe, lighting, location and expression that best fits your brand.

  • Men business headshots and personal branding portraits by Sacramento top portrait photographer Bidun Studio Photography.
  • Men business headshots and personal branding portraits by Sacramento top portrait photographer Bidun Studio Photography.
  • Men business headshots and personal branding portraits by Sacramento top portrait photographer Bidun Studio Photography.

The focus in male portraits is more on edgy angles, showing off their strength and masculinity.

Men business headshots and personal branding portraits by Sacramento top portrait photographer Bidun Studio Photography.


How you want to be photographed during portrait session, really depends on your vision and imagination. We offer custom male portrait session experience, where we spend enough time to tailor the photo session that will portray you and your true personality through every image that we take. During your consultation, we will discuss your photo session vision, style and design a wardrobe that compliments you. Bidun Studio Photography will cover your location preferences, making sure we offer you full portrait experience. When preparing for a male business portrait session, it’s important to think about the message you are trying to convey and dress to match. High-quality portraits help to personalize your business, whether it’s editorial or professional. Providing full portrait experience, Bidun Studio Photography we will guide you through all the important steps to offer best customer service to each client. When clients come to our Sacramento portrait studio, we ask them about why we’re making a headshot, about their career, the corporate culture and potential uses for their headshot. Depending on the culture and category of your company, you may want to come across as contemporary, friendly or creative. At Bidun Studio Photography we find that pre-planning is crucial for a successful man business portrait session and will provide the best portrait experience. These sessions are more personalized, and there are lots of factors to consider including possible locations, outfits, branding colors, and other aspects. Therefore, our pre-shoot experience will be more elaborate and in-depth in the pre-planning stages. Our headshot photographers will help you decide how to best translate your brand into images that you can use on your website and advertising as well as social media.


If your job requires you to interact with people, then you need an impressive and impactful business headshot that best represents your profession or personal brand. Every professional should have a strong headshot they can benefit from. Regardless of industry, a well done business headshot will convey three things: competence, confidence, and friendliness. Whether it’s for your business listing, LindedIn or Twitter profile, email signature, or marketing campaign, make a strong impression with your professional business headshot. You can be assured that top Sacramento men business headshot photographer Sergey Bidun has an expertise to create extraordinary, one of a kind fine art portrait headshots that you are looking for. At Bidun Studio Photography, we recommend booking the two-look headshot to get greater variety with outfits and backgrounds. Some of the professional men business headshots that we’ve done are high-end headshots for professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, realtors, attorneys, doctors, authors, artists, actors, models, and graduates. Bidun Studio Photography is the premier headshot photographer in Sacramento, Northern California. We are known for our unique ability to capture genuine expressions in our client’s headshots and executive business portraits.


Personal branding portraits are photos of your brand that focus on your personality, while incorporating your brand message, your mission, and your unique character. An impressive personal branding headshot is more than a photo that makes you look great. It is a first impression of your personality and professionalism. Personal branding photography applies the art of professional photography to tell the story of your brand. Investing in high quality photos to market and advertise your brand not only positions you as an expert in your field, but it also gives clients and your audience a more genuine brand experience. Your personal brand is what sets you apart from the masses, it’s what makes you special and interesting. Your personal branding is the experience that only you can create for your clients and followers. It needs to catch their attention when they see your images, and draw them into wanting to get in touch with you. Your images are the first impression you make on your clients, they should be extraordinary and convey the message you want your clients to hear when they think of your brand. Personal brand men portraits should match the mood and feeling of your business, and this is what Bidun Studio Photography provides. Whether you are a manager, entrepreneur, or an artist, professional branding photography can really take your brand to the next level.

Men business headshots and personal branding portraits by Sacramento top portrait photographer Bidun Studio Photography.


Having your creative portraits or personal branding headshots doesn’t have to be boring, we will share our tips on how to make your men portrait session a fun, relaxed, and memorable experience. The more effort you put into the details, the better your creative portrait photo shoot will be. If you trust our Sacramento portrait photography team, we will help you put a face to your name and your work with photographs that you are proud to show off. During your professional headshot session, your Bidun Studio headshot photographer will coach body language, expressions, and positioning for your ideal image to get the most relaxed environment for the client. You will be able to view your professional pictures in real time and work with your portrait photographer to make any adjustments to the version of you the photo portrays. At our Sacramento photography studio, we have modern, neutral backgrounds as well as in white and grey. These backgrounds are available in-studio or at your office for a professional, sophisticated look that will match most websites and existing headshots. On location headshot sessions are available as well, for those less formal and more relaxed & enjoyable environment portraits. You can also choose on-site backgrounds in your office or a natural setting in Sacramento or San Francisco area.


As one of the top men portrait photographers, Bidun Studio Photography has just the right approach to men photography, knowing which type of images will highlight their client’s best features and talents. Advance Your Career or Business with professional and modern business portraits that better reflect your capabilities and worth. We know that having a well defined web presence is very important to your branding, in today’s world. Having a great business headshot that highlights your best features, is a big part of your branding and now more of a necessity than it was in the past. Your corporate headshot can add that personal touch to your marketing material. Making you and your business stand out from the crowd. Our Sacramento portrait photography team will give you top male portrait experience with headshots that will elevate your business and help it stand out.


Bidun Studio Photography is located in Sacramento, Northern California and is serving Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Granite Bay, Folsom, El Dorado, Elk Grove, and surrounding areas. Anyone who is looking for San Francisco men portrait photographer and Northern California portrait photographer, send us inquiry.