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Fitness and healthy lifestyle have always been at a high standard, but lately we see more and more people emphasizing this with their pictures on social media. To be honest, who wouldn’t enjoy getting life-changing tips that would motivate them to get fit? Seeing fitness pictures that are professionally highlighting the person’s fit body, is very inspirational. Bidun Studio Photography has the experience, skill, and technology to provide magazine cover fitness pictures. Having photographed numerous fitness models, professional coaches, and soccer players - we have come to believe that the work we do is important for individuals and communities. Through these photographs, the Sacramento Fitness Photographer is creating positive long-term impact in an authentic way.


Whether you’re getting ready for a competition, your first fitness model photoshoot, or are looking for a way to take your career to the next level - you need professional pictures from best Sacramento fitness photographer to capture the true essence of your finely-sculpted body. At Bidun Studio Photography, we help aspiring fitness models just like you, to get the very best photos through customized fitness poses, up-to-date industry knowledge of what’s new and trendy, and by using the best fitness photography equipment to ensure you really land in the spotlight you deserve.


Fitness photography lets us capture individuals’ health, well being, and sports performance with eye catching images. Fitness pictures serve as a great inspiration for people who are trying to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle. Some of our clients’ favorite photoshoot locations have been in our Sacramento studio and outdoor locations, although gyms and stadiums would make perfect locations as well. Bidun Studio Photography uses top of the line photography and lighting gear which helps them capture all of the movement shots. To get a strong fitness picture, we know which parts of an individual's body need to be accentuated to show off their physique at the perfect angle. Depending if we are photographing athletes for their fitness portfolio, or shooting for a marketing ad - we will know if we should put more emphasis on muscles, athletic equipment, or sportswear. You will receive high quality fitness pictures and authentic experience through Bidun Studio Photography, the number one professional photographer in Sacramento.


People who are often subjects of fitness photography include professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, models, and coaches. This type of photography is used for various purposes and has become an essential tool in promoting and marketing products, services and brands. Bidun Studio Photography takes a specific approach to each fitness photoshoot, as we plan out details of each session. Our approach can be powerful, celebratory, fun and even aggressive. Our goal at every Sacramento fitness session, is to match the personality and goals of the subject. For example, we may shoot one individual light and airy and the next in dark and dramatic tones - but through every image you will be able to see our style of photography and editing. We take into consideration who the audience is and what is the purpose of the fitness pictures. Photoshoots with Bidun Studio Photography are professional but in a fun and casual atmosphere so we can get images where the person is relaxed and being their true self.


Many fitness sessions take place at a gym, but if that isn’t available we can photoshoot in our Sacramento studio. Shooting at a studio has many advantages for both the athletes and the photographer. One of the main perks is the ability to be in full control of the surroundings, lighting, props, etc. At Bidun Studio Photography we use simple solid-colored backgrounds so that it doesn’t distract the viewer from the main subject. Your Sacramento fitness photographer wants the main focus of his photos to be the model and their body, and that’s what he’s concentrating on.


Choosing the proper lighting for fitness pictures is very important, and we prefer using low-key lighting. When shooting athletes in the studio, the photographer wants to highlight their physique. We do this by creating a lighting set-up with various highlights and shadows across the subject rather than trying to light everything. High-key lighting is not fitting for fitness athletes and can make your subject look dull and flat. Using studio lighting lets us incorporate different fitness props to take creative fitness pictures. Whether you are a startup in fitness or an expert, professional photography will play a significant role in establishing a stronger identity for your brand.


Outdoor fitness photos are ideal for athletes who do yoga, bodybuilding, running, or playing sports. We will help you choose the perfect location for your specific type of fitness session. Bidun Studio Photography knows how to choose the location that would complement the type of photo session you are going for. Outdoor fitness pictures serve as a greater inspiration for people who want to get fit, as their results seem more achievable. When choosing a Sacramento outdoor location for fitness photography, we must consider whether we are leaning more towards nature theme or a city theme. Details like these are generally discussed prior to the photo session during a pre-consultation. We will plan out your session from start to finish, finalize the outfits, and create a mood board with desired images. 


We put a lot of effort into preparing for your fitness photoshoot and delivering high-quality photographs. You don’t need to look far for a local photographer who can help you build a portfolio, complete a catalog, or promote a fitness center. Our team is well recognized at professional photography in Sacramento, California. We will provide you with impressive photos to complete your portfolios, websites, or just for your own memories. Bidun Studio Photography is equipped with the gear and skills necessary in producing striking photographs for sportswear and fitness advertisements and galleries.