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As one of the top fine art portraiture photographers, Bidun Studio Photography offers some of the best portraits in Sacramento and San Francisco, Northern California.

We offer individuals and families a luxury experience that can not be matched by any other Sacramento Fine Art Portrait Photography studio. Each session is thoroughly planned out by our creative team, as we custom design every portrait photo session.

When working with Bidun Studio Photography you can rest assured that you will get high quality fine art portraits that will leave you with lifetime memories.


Sacramento studio portrait photographer. Female Fine Art Portrait.


For some people the term ‘fine art portraits’ may sound a bit confusing, as they are not sure what type of photography it actually is.

For many years fine art genre was used only in paintings, and only in 21st century fine art photography started being recognized. It’s very recent that this field has greatly expanded and now any photograph that has an artistic intent behind it, can often be considered fine art.

Fine art photography is directly opposite to photojournalism, which is mostly documenting the scene as it is, without manipulation.

When trying to interpret if a photograph should be considered art, it’s always important to understand the motivation of the photographer. If there is an underlying artistic meaning, then it will be considered fine art portrait photography.


Sacramento studio portrait photographer. Female Fine Art Portrait.


In fine art photography, it is not just capturing what the camera sees; it is about capturing what the artist sees. The artist uses the camera as a tool to create a work of art.

The camera is used to create an art piece that tells the vision of the artist and makes a statement of that vision rather than recording the subject before the lens.

The role of fine art portrait is to go beyond the literal representation of the subject. It must genuinely express the talent and vision of the photographer and certainly tell that it was created by an artist and not by just the camera.

Unlike in photojournalistic portraits, the fine art portraiture involves original, deliberate creation that is an individual expression from within the artist.


Sacramento studio portrait photographer. Female Fine Art Portrait.


Like with any type of photography or art, it’s important to have your own unique style in what you do. For some artists it may take a while to figure out what their special style is, but once they do - it will become their fingerprint.

When Bidun Studio Photography first started out in portrait photography, we did not know which style we should pick. As our photography approach developed, and post-processing progressed - that’s how fine art portraiture style emerged.

Whether photographing families, children, seniors, or glamour portraits, your Sacramento fine art photographer has just the right approach to creating authentic and timeless portraits.

What defines Bidun Studio Photography’s portraits as fine art is both the skill and the technique used to take the photograph, as well as post-processing steps.


Sacramento studio portrait photographer. Female Fine Art Portrait.


There’s really no better art to decorate your walls than of your little ones. Fine art photographer Sergey Bidun has been pursuing a line of one-of-a-kind unique portraiture for children and teens.

This Sacramento fine art photographer shares a message through a special perspective to give it more of a limited edition feel. The children pictures taken in our Sacramento studio have a very timeless look, and are designed to be put up on the walls of your home, for lifetime memories.

Having full control of the surroundings, the studio lets us create beautiful settings for authentic children portraits. Large backdrop selection and availability of natural/window and studio lighting gives us creative opportunities when photographing in studio.

See for yourself why Bidun Studio Photography is one of the top children fine art portrait photographers in Sacramento and San Francisco, Northern California.



Fine art portraiture is the type of photography that is meant to be printed and displayed at your home. Your portraits with Sacramento’s top fine art photographer will be art.

Art worthy of museum quality archival prints, gallery wrap canvases and metal portraits that will stand the test of time.

The purchase of Fine Art Portraits with Bidun Studio Photography is an investment. It may not seem so right now, but as time passes we all look at wall art portraits to remind us of time past.

That's what a Creative Portrait Session with Bidun Studio Photography is. A record of the fun session experience in your life or your child’s life and this can never be replaced.

All of our products that you will get to choose from, are artistically retouched in our signature style, and are produced at professional printing labs that will wow you.

These are products you cannot get as a consumer and are only available at a premium to professional photographers.

Let Bidun Photography’s many years of experience in light contouring, session styling and portrait design guide you to perfect art for your home!


Sacramento studio portrait photographer. Female Fine Art Portrait.

Located in Sacramento, Northern California - Bidun Studio Photography is easily accessible for in-studio photo sessions. We are also serving as Roseville photographer, Rocklin photographer, Lincoln photographer, Folsom photographer, El Dorado photographer, Elk Grove photographer, and surrounding areas. Anyone who is looking for Sacramento fine art portrait photographer and San Francisco professional fine art portrait photographer, send us an inquiry.