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At Bidun Studio Photography, we have a passion for capturing timeless children portraits. As a husband and wife photography team, we feel like our three children are our greatest inspiration source.

As Sacramento’s top children portrait photography studio, our goal is to capture their genuine smiles, laughs, and natural interactions between siblings.

Whether you wish to have your child’s portrait taken in our Sacramento studio or on a location of your choice, we know how to grab their attention and document their true personality.


Sacramento children photographer during outdoor portrait session with pony. Kids pictures by Bidun Studio Photography.


Bidun Studio focuses on creating an artistic and timeless child and family photographs. Whether it’s at our Sacramento portrait studio or on location, we strive to provide an outstanding experience to all of our clients. As one of the top Sacramento children photography studios, we are known for our gentle, child-led approach.

Making children comfortable and at ease allows us to capture those genuine, natural expressions and connections that parents adore. Bidun Studio Photography’s goal in each session is to provide families with beautiful artwork to showcase throughout their homes.

Our goal at every child's photo session is to capture the real personality of your child. This includes everything from their big laughs, to tiny giggles, to the occasional impatient smirks. We will be sure to capture all those special moments during your Sacramento children's photo session.

These are the unique characteristics that make your child special in every way, and our goal is to capture that. These may be seemingly ordinary moments today, but one day you will look back on them and remember with warmth and love. Bidun Photography blends traditional portraiture with a photojournalistic approach to bring out the best in their clients.

Bidun Studio creates a playful, relaxed, and fun environment to make the entire experience a positive one for everyone involved. When working with children, Bidun Photography works at their level and pace. This should be a fun, no-pressure kind of session.

A portrait session with Bidun Studio Photography is the perfect way to preserve life's fleeting moments as unique works of art. Please contact our Sacramento portrait studio to discuss the ideal setting, styling, and inspiration for your family.


Photography for children can be very tricky; we’ve experienced this first hand - we have a son who’s only 18 months older than our twin daughters.

Photographing all three of them together has always been quite a challenge, but over time as they grew older, it’s not as challenging anymore. We know that children can be squirmy, impatient, and even cranky.

With children portraits, we are not looking to shoot fake smiles. We want to capture happy and authentic emotions that you, as parents would cherish for many many years. To achieve the perfect shot, we ask that you be patient and go with the flow, without interfering with the way we photograph the children.

There are specific strategies that we follow with children photography, which enable us to have beautiful authentic portraits every time.

At Bidun Studio Photography, we have the experience you can trust. As parents and Sacramento’s professional children photographers, we know how to capture high-quality, authentic portraits of children.


Sacramento children photographer during outdoor portrait session. Kids pictures by Bidun Studio Photography at Folsom Lake.


How often do we try to go back in time by looking for photos of our early childhood, trying to remember what we looked like and what we liked doing?

Having just a few of those children photos is so important to us, as not everyone has even that! Back in that time, technology was not as advanced, and not everyone could afford to take children portraits in a studio, let alone own a camera.

Nowadays, you can probably find a professional children's photographer in any city that you live in. Why not document your son or daughter’s milestones, as they grow up from newborn baby to a teenager?


Sacramento children photographer during outdoor portrait session. Kids pictures by Bidun Studio Photography.


At Bidun Studio Photography, we are firm believers that photographing your children is very important, even if you don’t see the significance of it at the moment.

Children grow up so fast, and their looks, interests, funny habits change with time as well. They start losing their baby teeth, and they begin attending school, get involved with sports or other activities - with every year, there will be so many new milestones in their lives.

Capturing these little moments and big milestones is so important, as these types of memories will have more and more value over time. Let our professional children portrait photography team turn these moments into amazing memories for you to cherish down the road.


Sacramento children photographer during outdoor portrait session. Fall Kids pictures by Bidun Studio Photography.


Photographing children in a relaxed and fun environment, witnessing their authentic smiles, these are the reasons why we love photographing children.

Our passion for children photography came with the birth of our children, and our efforts to document all of their fun and meaningful moments.

Photographing kids can be challenging, but it is also so fun if the photographer can establish a friendly relationship with their clients.

One of the most rewarding things for us about photographing kids is when we persevere in working with them and finally get a genuine expression on camera.


Sacramento children photographer during outdoor portrait session. Kids pictures by Bidun Studio Photography at Folsom Lake.


Bidun Studio Photography is a lifestyle photographer team in Sacramento, which means that we capture candid moments of your kids as they unfold, with a little bit of direction.

Our natural approach and contact put our clients at ease, and both children and their parents end up enjoying the session more than they anticipated. Think of it as quality time with your family, enjoy the moment and let us do the work.

Compelling child portraits are much different than “look at the camera and smile” pictures. A real portrait will reflect a child’s personality, energy, and uniqueness that every one of them has.

At Bidun Studio Photography, we believe that capturing each milestone in a child’s life is extremely important, and we can’t wait to help you with that!


Sacramento children photographer during outdoor portrait session. Kids pictures of two boys fishing by Bidun Studio Photography.


Creative on location kids pictures is what sets Bidun Studio Photography apart from other children photographers in Sacramento, Northern California.

At Bidun Studio, we specialize in warm and emotive children and family portraits. An on-location kids portrait session is an environmental session that usually includes more documentary, candid images, that photo journalistically tells a story. Sergey’s passion is capturing the true spirit of childhood, family bond, and genuine emotion through the use of story and light.

When parents share their preferences, we help them choose an outdoor location that will complement their children’s photoshoot.

Some of our favorite and most popular outdoor locations around the Sacramento area are Gibson Ranch Park, American River Park, Folsom Lake, Old Folsom area, and others.


Sacramento children photographer during outdoor portrait session. Kids pictures by Bidun Studio Photography.


Photographing kids outdoors definitely has many advantages. The outdoor setting is usually very easy-going and relaxing, allowing kids to be themselves and not feel as if they are forced to sit or stand still while faking a cheesy smile.

Kids don’t like to be forced to do certain things, and if their faces are showing frowns, it definitely won’t look good on the pictures. Your Sacramento children's photographer team knows what looks best for on-location children portraits, and we won’t settle in for super-posy pictures with fake smiles.

Bidun Studio Photography strives to get creative and authentic outdoor kids photos, that have the power to bring back the most beautiful and pure memories from your child’s life.

These images become an art that delivers joy, pride, and emotional fulfillment. Sergey Bidun of Bidun Studio Photography is a Sacramento Children and Family Photographer, and we provide beautiful family heirlooms and wall art to be enjoyed for years to come.


Sacramento children photographer during outdoor portrait session. Kids pictures by Bidun Studio Photography at Gibson Ranch Park.


Bidun Studio Photography is a renowned and experienced Sacramento photography team that creates fine art studio children portraiture with a modern approach.

Our style is natural, spontaneous, and elegant. Our portraits show the focus to be on the children and their personalities and expressions. Having three children of our own has trained us to be skilled at adapting to your child’s personality and mood.

Even if your child may seem not excited to be taking portraits, we know ways on how to capture your child’s personality in lively portraits.

As one of Sacramento’s top children photographers, we know how to engage with children in a playful way to create genuine photographs of your children.



Studio children portraits may seem outdated or too posed for someone, but we don’t agree with that. Photographing in the studio has a lot of benefits, and we’ve encountered that many times.

With studio portraits, there is a sense of consistency - well lit, well composed, timeless images that will hang for generations. Our Sacramento photography studio provides convenience for our clients with the controlled environment on the cold & rainy days, consistency, and even some availability on weekends and during off-hours.

At Bidun Studio Photography, we keep our studio photoshoots carefree, fun, and positive while creating an environment where you and your children can be yourselves. Our studio offers a wide selection of gorgeous hand-painted canvas backdrops that will complement any child portrait, and also props.

Bidun Studio provides beautiful natural window light, which helps create genuine soft portraits of your children. Regardless if we photograph with natural or studio light, our clients will be sure to leave the studio with a great mood, amazing memories, and stunning portraits of their children.

We offer modern children studio photography, as our clients see huge benefits of classic fine art portraits that have longevity and will stand the test of time. As one of the top fine art photographers, Sergey Bidun Photography offers some of the best children portraits in Sacramento and San Francisco, Northern California.


Sacramento children photographer during studio fine art portrait session. Kids pictures by Bidun Studio Photography.


The best photos are captured when kids are relaxed; that’s why we strongly recommend that they are well rested before the photoshoot.

The better both sides prepare for the session - the more successful the whole experience will be. During our pre-consultation, we will create a mood board of images, as well as finalize photoshoot location, discuss outfit ideas, and a theme for the child photo session.

This way, you will have all the necessary information to properly prepare for children photoshoot. We are looking to create a fun experience and produce timeless portraits that will be cherished and passed down for generations.

Because we want to capture your children in a natural and playful state, we ask that you prepare according to the location that we picked out with outfits for your child, a few of their favorite toys or props, as well as some snacks.

Having the toys and snacks would serve as a treat for excellent behavior after we capture authentic, spontaneous, and playful moments.

While we require an adult to be present for the entire time the session is in progress, we ask that you disengage. This way, we can connect with your children and capture their most natural behaviors.


Sacramento children photographer during outdoor portrait session. Kids pictures by Bidun Studio Photography of a girl with two dogs.


Photographing children can sometimes be a challenging task since children typically do not like posing for the camera. Bidun Studio Photography has a couple of tips that can be beneficial for you when preparing for a successful kids' photoshoot.

Children behave very differently from adults, and often are unpredictable - that’s why we, as professional photographers need to have patience during the photoshoot. With kids being spontaneous and very quick, our Sacramento children photographers need to have their cameras ready at all times.

Whenever we photograph children outdoors, we use a 70-200mm lens that lets us not come too close to the kids so that they won’t feel the need for fake smiles or weird faces, but instead show us natural behavior and actions.

Photoshooting with this lens allows us to create very natural images with genuine smiles between siblings, which we can capture from a distance.

Photoshooting children from your height level won’t give you the best angles in their portraits, but getting down on their level will not only give you amazing portraits but also help you build a rapport with them.


Sacramento children photographer during outdoor portrait session. Kids pictures by Bidun Studio Photography.


Powerful child portraits are much different than “smile, say cheese!” pictures. A real portrait will reflect a child’s personality, energy, and uniqueness that every one of them has - and that’s what our Sacramento children photography team is here to capture.

Our experience in handling kids gives us a unique edge to provide photography services for your children. We don’t just know how to bring those genuine expressions out of them; we know how to make this an enjoyable time for them as well.

We offer family and children a Luxury experience that can not be matched by any other Sacramento Fine Art Children Portrait Photography studio.

Upon booking, we will discuss in detail what outfits will work best, hairstyles, props, etc. Each image will be hand edited with precision detail to create something unique and special, a family heirloom for you and your children to cherish.

See for yourself why Sergey Bidun is one of the top family and children photographers in Sacramento and San Francisco, North California area.


Sacramento children photographer during outdoor portrait session. Kids pictures by Bidun Studio Photography at Folsom Lake.