Fitness photography is in higher demand than ever with lots of people trying to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle. With fitness pictures, Bidun Studio Photography captures individuals’ health, well being, and sports performance through eye-catching images which in turn serve as a great inspiration to many. Some of our clients’ favorite photoshoot locations have been in our Sacramento studio and outdoor locations, although gyms and stadiums would make perfect locations as well.



Bidun Studio Photography has the experience, skills, and technology to provide one-of-a-kind magazine cover fitness pictures. Having photographed numerous fitness models, professional coaches, bodybuilders, and soccer players - we have come to believe that the work we do is important for individuals and local communities. Through these photographs, the Sacramento Fitness Photographer is creating a positive long-term impact in an authentic way.

Whether we are photographing athletes for their fitness portfolio, or shooting for a marketing advertisement - we will be able to tell if there should be more emphasis on muscles, athletic equipment, or sportswear. At Bidun Studio Photography, we help aspiring fitness models just like you, to get the very best photos through customized fitness poses, up-to-date industry knowledge of what’s trendy and new, and by using the best fitness photography equipment to ensure you really land in the spotlight you deserve. We will provide you with impressive photos to complete your portfolios, websites, or just for your own memories.