The best way to photograph children is with a lifestyle photography approach, where the photographer captures candid moments of your kids as they unfold, with just a little bit of direction. Our easy-going natural approach puts our clients at ease and both children and their parents end up enjoying the session more than they anticipated.


Treat it as quality time with your family, enjoy the moment and let us do the work. What’s important is that powerful child portraits are much different than “look at the camera and smile” pictures. A truly creative and professional portrait will reflect a child’s personality, energy, and uniqueness that every one of them has. Photographing kids can be a bit challenging, but it is also fun when the photographer can establish a friendly relationship with their clients. One of the most rewarding things for us about photographing kids is getting their genuine expressions captured on a camera.

At Bidun Studio Photography we have a passion for capturing timeless fine art children portraits. Whether you wish to have your child’s portrait taken in our Sacramento studio or at any outdoor location of your choice, we have the expertise on how to grab their attention and document their true personality in a fun and positive atmosphere. As one of Sacramento’s top children portrait photography studios, our goal is to capture their genuine smiles, laughs and natural interactions between siblings.

With fine art children portraits, we are not looking to shoot fake smiles and unrealistic poses. We want to capture happy and authentic emotions that you as parents would cherish for many many years. Children grow up so fast, and their looks, interests, funny habits quickly change - with every year they will hit many new milestones in their lives. Capturing these little moments and big milestones is so important, as these types of memories will have more and more value over time. Let our professional children portrait photography team turn these moments into wonderful memories for you to cherish down the road.