Two Friends Portrait Session in Big Island, Hawaii - Sergey Bidun
Big Island lifestyle portrait session, Hawaii

Big Island lifestyle portrait session, Hawaii

Kona lifestyle portrait photography in Big Island, Hawaii. Bidun Studio Photography on location session.


What’s a more magical place for portrait photography than on a beautiful island of Hawaii? We visited Kona, Hawaii, in the early spring of last year. The weather was beautiful, and the fresh breeze was filling the air. With palm trees everywhere, gorgeous tropical greenery, Hawaiian flowers, and lava rock beaches, this was definitely an excellent way for us to spend my birthday week. The trip to Big Island, Hawaii, was a great start for a work season for the Bidun Studio Photography team, and it was a perfect time to re-energize, recharge, and get more creative in our field of work.


To better prepare for the two friends' lifestyle portrait session at the beach, we scouted the area for best looking locations with the beautiful sunset light. The hotel where we stayed at had quite a few really gorgeous places with beautiful little pathways, bridge, unique trees and flowers, and of course, the fantastic black lava rock shoreline. It was our first time staying at a hotel where the whole shoreline area was lava rocks, and we really wanted to document that in our Hawaiian lifestyle portrait photography session.


Karina and Tasia also flew in Big Island, Hawaii, from California and were staying there with their friends. For their group portrait photo session, we agreed to meet up by our hotel a few hours before sunset time. Girls arrived by the trolley, and we immediately sensed that they are in a great mood and ready for some creative portraits to be taken.


We started the Hawaiian photo session with some pictures at this beautiful secluded pathway with rails. The trees grew in a tunnel-like shape, which made the perfect photography backdrop for our portraits. A big puddle from a tropical rain the previous day served as a creative touch for our portrait photography as well. There was so much energy coming from the two friends and the surrounding nature, that we were photographing nonstop.


We slowly started changing locations and moving closer to the ocean shore, as the time was getting closer to sunset hour. It was pretty impossible to get all the way down to the water, due to the size and texture of lava rock shoreline, but we managed to get pretty epic shots there. Both Karina and Tasia were so excited and full of ideas on how they wanted their portraits to come out.


With the sunset entirely over the horizon, we managed to take the most striking lifestyle photos of the day! Both girls loved the images on the lava rocks the most, and it’s pretty obvious why. The dark lava rocks washed off by bright blue ocean waters was the most beautiful background for these portraits. From the Big Island portrait photographer’s perspective, the lava rocks really made the object in front of it stand out and be the highlight of the image.


When we saw how the big waves were crashing against the lava rocks and the big splash they were making, we knew for sure that we had to get that shot with the girls in the picture as well. Karina was the more brave friend, and she went first for the big splash photos. As this had to be a long exposure photo (only long exposure shots can show the water splash that well), we had to set up the camera and the models in a specific way. The camera got mounted to a tripod, which would eliminate the possibility of shaking the camera and getting a blurry image. The person taking the photo had to sit very very still and not move, not even blink (which is super hard when you see a huge wave coming at you.)


After a couple of tries and a few failed attempts, we got the portraits that we were looking for. Then Tasia’s turn came, and we got some pretty epic shots with her as well, although ladies both got a little soaked for these creative portraits. But who would mind such a small sacrifice when you have the most authentic and memorable pictures in Hawaii to share for a lifetime?


Bidun Studio Photography is a boutique photography studio that serves as a Sacramento portrait photography studio, but we love traveling so much! During our recent stay in Big Island, Hawaii, we got not only to enjoy the most beautiful island, but take some incredible female portraits of two best friends. If you are looking for Big Island portrait photographer and fell in love with our work, we would love to fly in and create portraits that you will enjoy as art at your home.