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Folsom Family Photo Session by Bidun Studio Photography


Family photography at a fun and relaxing location - Folsom Lake State Recreation Area in Granite Bay is your top choice for amazing family portraits. With lots of trees around and open fields, beautiful trails for hiking or horseback riding. As well as so many opportunities to photograph in the shallow waters of the lake. This location is definitely one of our clients' favorites when it comes to family or children portraits, as well as couples shoots.

Considering all of the creative opportunities that the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area offers, this is one of the best outdoor locations for gorgeous family and children portraits. The scenic views and relaxing atmosphere really sets their mood for personalized photo taking. After countless months of photography location scouting, our Sacramento photography team has discovered that the Folsom Lake area is one of our clients' favorite places for family portraits.

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area is located in the Sierra-Nevada foothills, which is about 25 miles east of Sacramento. This location can be reached either by Highway 50 or I-80, depending on where you are coming from. The lake and recreation area offers many opportunities for hiking, biking, horseback riding, camping, boating, and more. Folsom Lake SRA is most popular during the summertime and weekends, so when choosing the best photoshoot time, we need to consider that.


Having photographed this sweet couple’s wedding years ago, we were super excited to document their beautiful family now with three handsome sons! This was such an amazing opportunity to spend some time with them and create memorable family portraits.


Having three energetic boys at a family photo session is no easy task, but the little challenges is what makes the photography experience more fun and memorable. We always appreciate when our clients prepare for their family photo session and take into consideration our tips on wardrobe styling, color coordinating, and everything else.

It’s always a great idea for outdoor photo sessions, to dress up boys in light-color tops and dark/jeans bottoms. These tones are not distracting and complement beautifully into the nature family photography locations. Mom wore a peach maxi dress, and it was just the perfect outfit to get enough pop of color into their portrait session.


When the family just arrived at Folsom Lake State Recreation Area in Granite Bay, we didn’t jump into photo-taking mode right away. It’s very helpful to let the client or family relax and get used to the surroundings and to the camera. The Sacramento family photographer, Sergey Bidun, was very excited to catch up with this family since they were his wedding clients a few years back.

It’s always very special to know that so many families out there trust us in creating their family legacy and value the work we put into it. This Sacramento family was so sweet and enjoyable to photograph, that our time just flew by!


Considering that this family photography session was during summertime, we definitely had plans to jump into the water at some point of the shoot. Our goal at this Folsom family photo session was to capture some portraits with the family all together, then in smaller groups and individual portraits. And at the end cool off inside the beautiful lake with some fun moments.


Our main photography location spot was a beach between Granite Beach and Dotons Point. The beach was surprisingly all clear that evening, which was perfect for the family photo session. We used all the natural props that we could find at the beach for more creative portraits, such as different size rocks, large logs, and just the beautiful surroundings at Folsom Lake. All three young boys were such troopers; they seemed to enjoy the family photo session fully and were so energetic until the end! This family is truly blessed with such well-behaved children.


The reason why Bidun Studio Photography enjoys photographing families so much is that we enjoy seeing the authentic relationships between family members, their love for each other, and the true emotions. Having an opportunity to capture such special moments in people’s lives and to preserve these memories in images that they can enjoy for a lifetime, is truly the greatest reward for our Sacramento family photography team.


Family photo albums and family portraits on the wall are some of the most important memories that you may get out of your photo session. There is a huge importance of family portraits and family history, and it’s up to all of you in how you will share these memories from one generation to the next. At our Sacramento photography studio, we offer a wide range of products that many families love to invest in, including beautiful leather family albums, metal portraits and canvas gallery wraps for the walls, and others. It’s really up to each individual family how they want to display their family artwork.


As the Folsom family session was coming to an end - the sun was getting more and more down, we decided to finally go loose and not be afraid to get wet. The golden hour light was just perfect, giving very soft light for our family and children portraits. Everything worked out just the way that we all hoped for. We took some pretty amazing romantic portraits of the parents themselves, in the Folsom Lake water.

Boys loved splashing in the water with each other, as we were quickly capturing candids. Sergey Bidun witnessed again and again, how remarkably close the children are with their parents, and how they love spending time in each other’s company. There was a feeling of love, respect, and trust between family members, and the Folsom family photographer was enjoying capturing every moment.


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