BEFORE & AFTER - Sergey Bidun


Sergey Bidun Photography Studio specializes in creative Fine Art Portrait Photography and provides high-end photo retouching services for all his images. What sets him apart from all other professional photographers, it that Sergey has a unique approach to retouching his portraits. He manually retouches each image in his own artistic style.

Here at Sergey Bidun Photography, from Sacramento California, we have two important guidelines: artistry and craftsmanship. We believe that an image should look flawless, yet untouched. Therefore, the artists at Sergey Bidun Photography place great importance on the delicate balance between tone and texture to produce images of the highest quality. We combine modern tools of the trade with a deep regard for craftsmanship. We handle the entire process – color balance, toning, and manual retouching – so all you see are beautiful images.

At Sergey Bidun Photography, we are at the lead of the digital imaging revolution, and are constantly improving the quality of our service.

Every image is unique, and so is our approach to retouching. We treat each project on an individual basis, carefully building personal relationships with our clients to better understand their needs. Sergey Bidun Photography Studio is one of the top studios to offer high-end creative retouching, making sure each portrait looks its best when delivered to the client.